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Super newbie - fleece question

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We are due to pick up our first hedgehog this weekend! I was wondering about things he would need and have found so much info here! WoW! I was wondering about the term "fleece". Are you meaning polar fleece or fleece thats is used for making pajamas? Or something else I'm not aware of?
Kathy :D
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I guess I'm thinking of so many different kinds of fleece out there. Longer, shorter. I never thought about how absorbent they are either. Flannel baby blankets would be a nice alternative doubled I think. I have some of those left over from my last child. Along with cloth diapers that might make for a good "batting" in between for cubbies or hidey caves.
I do sew and I'm a big believer in recycling. ;) I can always hit the second hand store and get what I need for the core and buy the fleece and bottom new. Yeah, I know I'm going to spoil him. So I can sew up lots of nice things for him. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting the wrong stuff. I heard that some folks like Vellux and others stay away from it if they have hedgies that are chewers. We have a winter storm hitting us, so we may have to wait till next week to pick him up. :(
Thanks for the 411 on Vellux! I'd sooner not take a chance since we don't know Puck yet. He's three, so I'm sure he's set in his ways if he is a chewer. I'm going to be going through my fabric bin to see what I have here and get to sewing this week! :D
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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