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Super newbie - fleece question

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We are due to pick up our first hedgehog this weekend! I was wondering about things he would need and have found so much info here! WoW! I was wondering about the term "fleece". Are you meaning polar fleece or fleece thats is used for making pajamas? Or something else I'm not aware of?
Kathy :D
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Polar fleece is more than likely what you're thinking of when you hear the word fleece.
Flannel is that stuff they make PJ's, sheets, etc out of, it's much thinner.

Fleece isn't really absorbent at all, at least not in a "Sham-wow" kinda way. *grin* Fleece is popular for the outside of liners because it's soft, warm, and lets liquid run through it to something you've placed between layers of fleece or underneath them to absorb the liquid.

An ultra-simple version of this concept is a folded fleece blanket on top of a bath towel. (Note: I do not encourage terry-cloth towel use because of the fact hedgie toes get caught in the loops of the cloth.)

If you really want the scoop on fleece, liners, and just about any of the good hedgie craft info, look for Nancy, she's got the market cornered. ^_^

I'd say no to Vellux as well since I've seen the way those blankets can come apart, and they way hedgies (kinda like babies) like to put stuff in their mouths. ^_^

I would love to see what kind of things you make for your little one, might give me some ideas for mine!

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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