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Super newbie - fleece question

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We are due to pick up our first hedgehog this weekend! I was wondering about things he would need and have found so much info here! WoW! I was wondering about the term "fleece". Are you meaning polar fleece or fleece thats is used for making pajamas? Or something else I'm not aware of?
Kathy :D
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I believe that Nancy is still taking a break from sewing due to health reasons. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Nancy!

A lot of people like fleece because you don't have to sew it. Flannel is more absorbent and comes in a lot of cute colors and prints. I prefer 2 layers of flannel or 3-4 layers of heavy weight cotton for cage liners. Fleece is good if you can't sew, but as others have pointed out it is not absorbent.

I would recommend using flannel if you can sew. I have also heard of people using denim but I never tried that myself.
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