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Hi everyone!

I'm a new owner (I've had Luna for 4 days today!) and I found a heater that was under $30 at Walmart that I really love. It's called the "Fan Forced Heater" by Sunbeam and it has an electric thermostat. What I really like about it is I keep it about a foot away and Luna's tank always reads a steady temp of 80. After the air has been heated to 80 it stops blowing, and when the temp drops again it'll turn back on.

Constant temp
Emergency overheating shut down
Digital thermostat for more controlled heating

A bit noisy (like sleeping with a fan on)

I also use an "All Living Things" small heating pad under one side of her cage and after days of checking the plastic bottom it seems fine. She's even slept right on top of the plastic without overheating.


Small but gives off a nice heat
Doesn't seem to harm the plastic bottom
Doesn't take much to run it
Less than $10

Hard to move once it's stuck on a surface
The small panic attack of "will it melt the plastic!?"

I hope this maybe helps someone? If anyone else uses either I'd like to hear what you think! (Anything you like/dislike?) It was a great bargain that works I think really well.

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Hm...I might have had the same one or similar for my first space heater for Lily. I liked it pretty well, but I had issues after a while (several months? maybe closer to a year...I have a terrible memory!) with the fan part not moving unless I shook the heater a little bit. It also dried the air out a LOT, which bothered both me and Lily. It wasn't bad at all for the price, and it did a decent job of heating (I was also using it for supplemental heat, her main heating source was a CHE set up). I do like my oil-filled radiator that I have now better though - mostly because it doesn't dry the air out so much.
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