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Summer Driving - Staying cool?

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Well most of you know, I travel back and forth between my mom's and my "school" apartment.

Today, I was driving the 1 hr trip to moms, when I was glancing at the thermometer here and there throughout the trip. Now, my car is always in some sort of garage, so we started out at a comfortable 75F. (Note: temp reader is inside the carrier, while the display screen is outside)

Few min later, we're out in the open and driving along the road, temp slowly climbs...At this time, I have the a/c on at 23C, and moderate air(2 clicks - not to much "wind").

Few min after that, we're driving west, so for the most part, the sun is infront of the car, and the temp reaches 82F. Now, I turn the a/c on higher(4 clicks, can hear "wind sounds"), and set it at 22C. And the temp drops to about 80F. Luckily, I always stuff his carrier with extra fleece, so I took one of the fleece blankets out, and draped it over the front, so that the sun wasn't shining directly on the carrier.

Finally, the sun got behind some clouds and the temp went down to 78F. And it was partially to the side, and with tinted windows, it really does help.

Now, I couldn't turn the a/c any colder, or I would've been chilled. My skin was cool to the touch :lol: Any colder, and I'd need a jacket....Yes...I like warmth. And yes, he's in the front seat, because I have a 2 door car, and the seat belts are also "lockable"(I slip the seat belt through the top hand holder, pull seat belt all the way, and it auto locks). Plus...Too much horse stuff in the back :lol: He'd be covered in horse blankets.

So, the question is... is that temp ok for relatively brief(min: 45min, max:....depends on traffic :lol: but less than 2hrs) travelling? It's not uncomfortably hot, and the air circulation is good. I can't really think of any other way to keep him cooler.

IF the backseat is supposed to be cooler, then I might have to put him back there, will have to check if the seat belts back there "lock". However, I also worry about the air circulation in the backseat(It may FEEL cooler, but it'd probably be stuffier). But I do prefer him up front with me, just because I usually have all my other stuff too, like my school bag, books, some clothes, saddle, etc etc etc :lol: Plus, in the winter, the front seats have heated seats, and helps keep him warm....And honestly, it's just sooooo much easier to have him in the front seat, easy to place, easy to strap him in. lol Back seat, I'd have to partially climb back there to strap him in and lock him in place.

(Ya know... I always write too much :lol: Sorry about the novel)
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smhufflepuff said:
Edit to add: is it possible hedgie was sitting on top of the probe making it appear warmer than it really was? Mine did that once and it threw the thermomstat waaaaay off. Silly hedgie.
I have the probe resting on top of everything(him, and his fleece), so it should be relatively accurate.

The only problem I'd have with the mesh, is that since it's a 2 door, it'd take away a good chunk of my "blind spot window check" area. And...In all honesty XD I don't trust some of the drivers here in the big city, who are always in a rush to get somewhere, and the mesh covers just enough to make me worry more(I've seen someone WEAVE through traffic while smoking, talking on a cell phone, and drinking something.... X.x ).

I guess if worse comes to worse, I'll stick one of those ice blocks somewhere. I have lots of those. ^_^
Hmmmm, well I think I've got it all planned out :lol: Go get one of those sunshades to rest ontop of the carrier and stick a small ice pack above the carrier in the handle holder lol it just fits snug.

Thanks for the ideas! Now....If only it will get warm again :lol:
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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