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I am one of the new member to this forum. I like pets since I was a kid, and I do have many pets. But this is the first time I have a hedgehog as a pets.

I join many forums about pets, and one thing that I notice is : almost all forums have a specific sub forum / thread to greet new member. Usually, the new member will say hi.. and give a little background information about him/her. And older member can greet him/her and say welcome of something like that.

With this kind of information from the new member, older members can have a little more understanding (eg: what kind of pets does he have, how many, etc.)

But I didn't see that in this forum (I might be wrong). So, I suggest to make a sub forum / sticky thread about this.

I will give you an example and give you a little bit of information about me

As I already told you, I like pets. I have birds (Love birds, Parakeets), Fish (marine and tropical fresh water), squirrel, turtle, and dogs. And the new one is hedgehog. That's why I join this forum. :)

Actually, I've been browsing this forum since 3 or 4 weeks ago, but I just register in this week.
Thank you for providing such a great resources of hedgehog :)
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