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Tema's about 4 months old, give or take. I believe at this age she's still quilling. She's however become very friendly and mild mannered.

I feed her a daily bowl of
1 tablespoon of Iams Kitten mixed with Royal Canin Second Age Kitten (added in today to change her food in case she's tired of it), dampened
1 small teaspoon of wet Royal Canin Kitten
A couple of dried mealies mixed in

She used to clean her bowl each night. I gave her some extra cause she was a bit dented in a week or so ago, due to lots and lots of wheeling.

Two nights ago the amount she eats has dropped to half.

She still eats mealies happily if offered and last night I gave her some egg which she ate most of, along with a tiny bit of her food.

I'm starting to worry cause she just doesn't seem to have a big appetite. But by every other standard she's fine.

She's not lethargic and wheels a good amount, though some nights not too much because it's Autumn were I live and the weather's been fluctuating. Some nights it dips and she just wants to sleep with her warm teddy. Proper heating has been set up though and her cage is sufficiently warm. But I'm starting to worry! What's up with her appetite?!

I've attached a picture that I took of her today to see her size. She's become quite the chubber.

Any advice or ideas for me would be appreciated!


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