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Sudden strange behavior question...

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I have two male hedgies and they are half brothers and share a large cage. I got them at the beginning of June at about 10 weeks old (so like 5 mos old now) and they are my first ones. They never bother each other except lately I have been hearing lots of squealing so I get up to check it out.... and the smaller one seems half mounted on top of the larger one. I can't tell which is making the noise but it's the one on the bottom that pops sometimes when it's going on. Every once in a while they run around (like getting away) but for the most part they just sit together and squeal. This isn't constant, but maybe like a solid hour a night for the last 5.

Is this normal? Is one getting hurt? I would think the victim would just ball up if that was the case...

Can anyone offer advice?

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dang! I was told by the breeder that they'd be ok...
Someone in Illinois... We only have one breeder here with a long waiting list so I had to have them shipped. She said it would be OK because they were brothers and had been together since birth but I would need to separate them if one mated.
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