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Strange sore or growth

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Hello all I'm here to see if any other hedgie owners out they may know what this strange looking sore and or growth on my hedgehog may be and how it is treated. Regardless how what anyone may know about it I still plan on taking her to see a vet as it is of great concern to me. I've had her for about a month and never really noticed it before but from the look of it I think it may have been there for some time and got bigger? Also she unexpectedly gave birth to 3 hoglets (Upon my research I found this was a common case of many new owners since I guess no one can tell if a hedgehog is preganant?) about 5 days ago so I am also worried about separating her from the babies to take her to the vet, shoudl i take them all? I really want to take care of this but also do not want to babies to be in any danger from an upset moma.
If anyone can give me any info it would be very much aperciated, thank you!

Attached picture is the growth/sore located on her backside area within her quills.


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Whatever the diagnosis, I hope your girl will make a full and speedy recovery. :)
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