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I have recently had a litter of four babies. They are now three weeks old, so I decided it was safe to start handling them, sexing them and checking them over.

I noticed on my baby girl, she had a strange bump on her upper eyelid. I put it down to the mother marking the baby when she picked it up. I went to clean out their cage this afternoon and noticed that there are now four new bumps. Two under the chin and one on each front leg.

I am ringing the vets tomorrow to see when I can be seen just in case. I would like to put this off is possible, not because of monetary issues but because the mother is still feeling the babies and is still at risk of neglecting them if she smells unfamiliar scents are her young.

The bumps look like scabs, and have grown in size. She doesn't seem to be bothered by them and otherwise is doing well. None of the other babies has this.

I am wondering if this is mites, or possibly an allergy to something.

Your views would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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It's possibly a staph infection which does happen sometimes with babies. Baby would need antibiotic. I've had two babies have it, different litters and none of their litter-mates nor mom had it.
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