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Storage bin heating

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I've been hearing space heaters go well with storage bins to heat up hedgies but I'm not very found of them, the room where my hedgehog will be living in is usually 60-80F so its not extreme, I just wanted to know which would be better a heat mat or a heat lamp.if i was to put a heat mat underneath a plastic storage bin would it burn or anything?

sorry for the noobish question, never owned a pet that was sensitive to temp :oops:

thanks in advance :)
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I also use a storage bin for my little guy. I bought the clamp light at home depot for way less then at the petstores, and thats with a manager's discount ;) and I use a 100w bulb and have the light clamped from a music stand next to the cage. I was leary of the ceramic heat emitter with the plastic. The bulb is red and doesn't disturb the nocturnal cycle and was 9.99 compared to 34-36.99. The important part of the heating though is thermostat that will turn the heating element off/on at a certain temperature. I got the zilla brand from petco for 49.99 and it seems to work well. It doesn't come with any kind of thermometer that you can see what temp it is though, so get a seperate digital thermometer and I keep mine right next to the probe from the thermostat. Keep in mind I live in central Florida and may be able to get away with the bulb as opposed to the heat emitter, half the time I'm worried about the AC running in his room and keeping him warm because of that, and I've only had him 2 weeks :)
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