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Storage bin heating

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I've been hearing space heaters go well with storage bins to heat up hedgies but I'm not very found of them, the room where my hedgehog will be living in is usually 60-80F so its not extreme, I just wanted to know which would be better a heat mat or a heat lamp.if i was to put a heat mat underneath a plastic storage bin would it burn or anything?

sorry for the noobish question, never owned a pet that was sensitive to temp :oops:

thanks in advance :)
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Personally I don't recommend using any fixture other than one that is sold specifically for heat emitters. The sockets are designed to withstand the high temperature of the emitter. Spending an extra $10 between a hardware store fixture and the proper one is simply not worth the risk of a fire. IMO

Red light does bother some hedgehogs. They either won't come out at all, or limit their activities under red. :)
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