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Hello Everyone!

It took Prudence a few weeks to start using her wheel originally due to being overweight. She wheeled almost every night for almost six months and has recently stopped again. For the last two weeks she has wheeled only once, and it was barely touched. I am aware that changes in behaviour can be signs of illness, but she is eating, drinking and pooping normally so I haven't been too concerned until now. She is three and a half, is it possible she's just slowing down? I find this hard to believe since my last hedgehog wheeled until he was almost six.

It's just a little odd. When I take her out of her cage, she runs around like usual. She is usually very friendly, and has been increasingly grouchy for the last week or so. Then I put her back in her cage she devours every crumb of food and goes straight to bed. She used to get up and wait for me to take her out at night, but now I have to wake her up every night. She is also much more willing to just sit and cuddle now, whereas before she would never sit still.

I'm thinking that the changes could be due to the temperature of her cage. It's being kept at 74-78, but when she was wheeling well it was when the whole house was 80-84 due to me not turning on the AC. Could the behaviour changes be because of this? Also, her cage is located next to a window. She does have a lighting system, but maybe she is picking up on the light from the window and sensing that the days are shortening?

She has gained almost 40g since stopping wheeling, and I'm going to need to introduce another low fat food soon if her inactivity persists.

These are pretty big changes in behaviour, so I'm thinking that a vet visit should be in order if nothing changes soon. Even so I figured I would come on here and consult the experts. If you have any questions please ask, I am really hoping to figure out what's up and get her back to normal!

P.S. Since she stopped wheeling I have checked that the wheel spins normally and adjusted the height/tilt a few times to experiment. I have also inspected her for injuries and other visible issues that could be causing her sudden departure from wheeling.
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