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Stella is home! :)

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Got my new little girl yesterday and am quite a happy camper :D

Poor thing was car sick on the way home but didn't take long to get over that and start exploring her new home. Quite a different personality than my Kiwi, Stella isn't shy at all and is quite the explorer. She is a very curious little girl and smart to boot too! When I got up this morning and checked the cages, Stella had gone potty in her litter box :)

Of course, Nancy's hedgie bags and hats are a huge hit, the girls are always in them :) I love the ease of using liners and everything is so cute!!!
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Stella is just gorgeous!! :D
ADORABLE girl! You're so lucky - I want another one! :D
Stella is so beautiful! Of course I must have more pictures now. And she has been added to my infamous hedgienapping list.
What an adorable little girl, hope she's settled in ok, by the sounds of it she has :) love the cage aswel and I'm jealous of all nancys gear in it, looks fab!
Congratulations, she is adorable. I love the name, we've considered Stella as the name for our next hedgehog, if we get a girl.
She is beautiful! Congrats. :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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