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stackable cages??

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hey all, i have recently bought three hoggys, 2 females and one male. i have absolutley fallen in love with them and we plan to get another female in the future. Obviosuly though, more animals mean more cages and i was wondering what my options were? i have seen some of the cube type cages and i like the idea of flexibilty but ideal, well, i need something stronger. I love the idea of a stack of cages. Does any body have any suggestions or ideas to help me along?
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You can try a storage cube cage. I have a hedgie tower, with three cages, and I have a second separate cage on top. It's plenty strong, and I often will store my extra wheels on top if I buy new bags of food and my other storage space is full.

I've reinforced the cage with billions of zip ties, which despite being tedious, was very easy to do.
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