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Spring Quilling?

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I have a question regarding my Quillamina. She has been dropping just a few more quills than usual since the warm weather started, and I've seen a few new ones poking through her skin, poor thing. I've examined her skin as carefully as she will allow, and aside from a little bit of dander, which she always has, I've seen nothing odd. No moving white things, and when she was last at the vet (about two weeks ago, I think) to be checked out, the vet didn't see anything concerning, either. No fungus, no mites, seemingly no rhyme or reason to it at all.

So, due to all this, I feel the need to ask: do hedgehogs shed more quills during the spring, as many animals shed their fur/hair? That's really the only thing I can think of to explain it, but I can't be sure, especially since Loki doesn't seem to be doing it. Then again, it's much harder to examine him than it is to get a good look at Quilly, since he's such a little brat and likes to wriggle. <3

Any insight would be much appreciated, thanks very much.
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She's almost two, I think. Quillamina was a rescue, and even though they SAID she was almost nine months old, I have no way of knowing for sure. I brought her home in March '09, and she was definitely full grown then, since she hasn't gotten any bigger. Or, if she has, it wasn't enough to be noticable. So no, she's too old to be quilling now.
But if Quilly is almost two, isn't it a bit late? It just seems strange to me, especially since she's not losing a whole lot, just maybe two or three more than her usual sporadic quill shedding. I'm not hugely concerned, since she's not acting sickly or anything, I just find it strange.
'Super late' is right, maybe she just doesn't want me to miss out. I got her long after she would have had her first quilling, so I guess she didn't want mommy dearest to have to go without her precious baby having a little quilling. Looks like she doesn't think I had a hard enough time with little Loki when he was quilling. x3 I figure it's nothing to worry about, I was just curious as to why this might be happening.
Thanks a lot, Kurai, now I'm going to panic. xD Seriously though, I don't think she has ringworm. Her skin is normal-coloured, and she's always had a bit of a dander problem, this is nothing new. If any of the symptoms you mentioned show up, though, I'll be sure to get her to the vet stat.

Her back looks good right now, no bald patches except for the normal reverse mohawk on her little piggy head. She's also acting normal, still huffs at me whenever I do the smallest little thing that she doesn't like, she's bright and alert, and, as always, uber bratty. Thanks for the information, all, I appreciate it greatly. <3
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