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Spring Quilling?

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I have a question regarding my Quillamina. She has been dropping just a few more quills than usual since the warm weather started, and I've seen a few new ones poking through her skin, poor thing. I've examined her skin as carefully as she will allow, and aside from a little bit of dander, which she always has, I've seen nothing odd. No moving white things, and when she was last at the vet (about two weeks ago, I think) to be checked out, the vet didn't see anything concerning, either. No fungus, no mites, seemingly no rhyme or reason to it at all.

So, due to all this, I feel the need to ask: do hedgehogs shed more quills during the spring, as many animals shed their fur/hair? That's really the only thing I can think of to explain it, but I can't be sure, especially since Loki doesn't seem to be doing it. Then again, it's much harder to examine him than it is to get a good look at Quilly, since he's such a little brat and likes to wriggle. <3

Any insight would be much appreciated, thanks very much.
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LarryT said:
How old is your girl? Is it possible she's just quilling?
That's exactly what I was typing when Larry posted :lol:

Don't forget some hedgehogs do go through a last quilling at 1 years old. My Chloe is having her last one currently and she just turned one.
Sorry for some reason it didn't tell me you had posted before I posted mine.

2 years old would be too late, that's true. So I have no idea. If new quills are coming in, then I wouldn't worry about her having mites or fungus. It really does sound likes she's just having a super late quilling - if that's even possible!
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