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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to post about Porridge's recent adventures. The other night when I woke up I found a puddle of blood on Porridge's potty liners, she had been to her primary vet just the other day for a wellness check-up and bloodwork (all was well!), so I phoned her clinic and asked whether or not they wanted me to bring her in, or like they suggested, dispense some medication. At that point in time we weren't sure if it was bloody urine or bloody poop, so we were given Metronidazole to see if that helped. She took her first dose like a champ! But unfortunately the next day (today) I found that it wasn't the poop that was bloody, but rather her urine. Her primary vet wouldn't be in until Tuesday so I went to another vet who specializes in exotics. They performed an ultrasound and x-rays, and they found that her uterus has thickened, no masses or tumors. Her doctor was happy that I brought her in when I did so that she could get spayed, and prognosis after removal would be great.

I'll hear back from them tonight when she is in recovery, so fingers crossed for a speedy one!
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