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I have this feeling that "Spikes Dinner" is another form just "Spikes Delight" However, please don't hold me to that thought.
IF it is "Spikes Delight" then it's an OK food to feed, but you will need to feed good quality cat foods along with the hedgehog food.

As for how much cat food... Just about everyone here "free feeds". Which means we fill up our hedgehog's bowls with as much food as they can eat. So that they will always have food available to them. Once you know your hedgie a bit better, you will know exactly how much to feed, which would give just enough, without wasting too much. (For example, I count kibble, so I know my boy eats about 40-50 kibbles a night, so I refill his bowl with 70 kibbles a night, so he still has leftovers).

That being said, what food was your hedgehog eating at the breeders/pet shop?
Just because no matter what, you need to make a slow transition if you wish to switch her to new food...

Unless it's a crap food like Pretty Pets and the like...
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