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I'd be veryyyyyy careful around other animals. Hedgehogs are prey and dogs are predators. Some have more predatory instincts than others. I have a 70 lb dog who has been the sweetest thing with all of my small animals (ferrets scared her, but she loved the hamsters and guinea pigs and is still figuring out Sophie) but I know she is a predator and easily has/had the ability to hurt any of them.

To be safe she isn't allowed contact unless I'm holding the animal, she's sitting and I'm standing so I can lower Sophie to her and quickly pull away if need be. She is also allowed to check out Sophie from inside her cage where she is safe, and is allowed to watch provided she doesn't bark, scratch at the cage or freak Sophie out. Most of the time I try to minimalize contact between Rosie (my dog) and Sophie (hedgie) and I don't let Daisy (the cat) come in my room at all anymore because I don't trust her not to try to get into Sophie's open topped cage and try and eat her food. I doubt she'd be interested in anything more than Sophie's mix of food, which she prefers to her own, but Sophie's doesn't sit well on Daisy's stomach, but that's not the point. The point is that I don't know how she'd react or if she'd ever be tempted to swat at Sophie out of fear or curiosity, so I just remove her as a risk factor all together.

That all said, I don't know your dog or her temperament when you say that your hedgie and dog played, but be very careful. I'm not sure how close you were (i.e. sitting across the room watching or right there next to them) or even what you mean by "they played" but I would definitely not allow any contact between the two if you aren't holding one of them. Even if your dog is only 5 lbs at the end of the day it doesn't change the fact that Dixie's a predator and Spike is prey. It's better to avoid an accident than the heartbreak of losing Spike to an accident. Also another thing to remember is Dixie is very little, Spike could potentially hurt her too.
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