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Hi there! I'm new here and have a few questions before I take my new hedgehog home. I will be picking her up around the first week of November and wanted to make sure I am fully prepared for her.

Here's a list of questions that I have and haven't been able to find answers to throughout the forum (if there is already a thread mentioning one of my questions, I apologize!)

1 - Is it safe to make a tube for my hedgehog out of craft foam?

2 - How long is it okay for my hedgie to be out in public places like the park/friends house/etc? What all supplies should I bring with me for an outing? (I'm going to make a sack to carry her in)

3 - What's the best way to do a quick cleaning? From reading about them it seems like their feet get pretty poopy after running on a wheel overnight. (I plan on giving her a bath once a month, unless she gets really dirty)

I think that's all the questions I have right now... Anyway, I appreciate any help/tips and I'm glad to be part of the hedgehog community ^_^

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Welcome to the forums! :)

1. I think I have heard of people doing this before, so I think it'd be alright. A lot of people also use toilet paper tubes, cutting the lengthwise and then snipping the corners off so they won't poke an eye or anything.

2. This partly depends on your hedgehog. If you get a shy baby, they may get easily distressed by being out and about, especially around lots of strange people. If you have one that's more friendly, they may be fine out in public for a couple hours. You'll just have to do a test run where you'll be able to take hedgie home immediately if he/she starts getting too stressed out. My Lily does pretty good traveling and meeting new people but I don't take her out often so I don't get her too upset.
For supplies, I joke that it's like packing a bag for a human baby. I took Lily to my college once for a class, and I had some food, mealworms for treats, wipes in case she pooped, hand sanitizer for anyone who wanted some after touching her, a small plastic bowl and a bottle of her water. She did great for the whole time, about 3-4 hours, that she was there, and she did appreciate the drink of water I gave her. I also took along a sock and a couple of handwarmers in case it was too cool for her.

3. A lot of people will give quick foot baths in the mornings when hedgie has "poop boots". This is just an inch or two of warm water in the sink and let hedgie walk around in it. The poop will usually loosen and float right off. Another suggestion in case hedgie gets very stressed out over being in water is to soak a towel or piece of fleece in warm water and let hedgie walk around on that.

Hope this helps and we're glad to have you as part of our forums! :)
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