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Sookie is....?

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I was told Sookie was "cinnicot" but in comparison to the color guide, she resembled a champagne?

"black eyed cinnicot"



However, I am no expert. I just want to make sure I identify her color correctly. :D

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How old is she? she has to be at least 9 weeks old before you can tell what color she will be. Also need clear pictures of her mask and quills. I cant see any banding on the quills from that shot, but it may just be faint.
eyes appear to be black, if so there is no way she can be champagne. Looks to me that she is possibly a WB brown white pinto (pinto due to the pink nose, but could be reaching there) that is of course if her eyes are black and not red
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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