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Some of my sugar gliders

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I just thought I'd share a few of my favorite pics of my gliders. :D

To start, here's a pic of Smidgin, a 2 week old male joey I'm handraising(his mom rejected him)

His half-brother, Garfunkel

Adore being a goof for mealies

Rosa eating some mealies while her joeys are about ready to burst out of her pouch :lol:

My beautiful Precious when she was a baby

Freedom being a handsome boy, like always :cool:

Lil' Dude gliding to his daddy

Gollum, my beautiful boy, hanging out on Daddy's back

And, of course, the eye-catching Godsend ;)

Lastly, here is a cute pic of one of my joeys, Angel

I didn't want to overload you guys with cuteness, so I figured 10 pics would be a good start. :lol:
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awww they are sooo cute! i love the first and second picture best :D
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