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Some of my sugar gliders

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I just thought I'd share a few of my favorite pics of my gliders. :D

To start, here's a pic of Smidgin, a 2 week old male joey I'm handraising(his mom rejected him)

His half-brother, Garfunkel

Adore being a goof for mealies

Rosa eating some mealies while her joeys are about ready to burst out of her pouch :lol:

My beautiful Precious when she was a baby

Freedom being a handsome boy, like always :cool:

Lil' Dude gliding to his daddy

Gollum, my beautiful boy, hanging out on Daddy's back

And, of course, the eye-catching Godsend ;)

Lastly, here is a cute pic of one of my joeys, Angel

I didn't want to overload you guys with cuteness, so I figured 10 pics would be a good start. :lol:
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There are all different colors of gliders, similar to hedgies. There are grays, leucistics(black-eyed whites), cinnamons, platinums(super light-gray, almost white, with silver-colored markings), champagnes, albinos, creminos(cream-colors with red eyes, kinda like a cinnacot hedgie), mosaics(white patches of color, like pinto hedgies), white-faces(they don't have the gray bar under their ears and are often lighter-colored then a classic gray glider), white tips(the tips of their tails are white), etc...

I have classic grays, leucistic, mosaics, white-faces, and many of my gliders have recessive genes(platinum, cremino, albino, etc...). I'm in love with all the color variations! :D Who wouldn't be?!
Some of the gliders are my husbands. We take turns handling gliders(some will get handled one night, others the next night).

Gliders usually only bite if they aren't used to being handled or if you piss them off, lol. I only have a few that will bite and of those, only 1 will go out of her way to bite me(she's always been mean, she just doesn't like me. :roll: ), the others will only bite me if I have to grab them(gliders don't like being grabbed, you have to let them come to you of their own accord or scoop them up while they're snoozing).

Joeys will usually nip out of curiosity, but with training(you have to "tsk" at them when they bite or chew too hard so that they know it's wrong) they'll usually grow out of it. ;) With joeys they don't bite to be mean or our of fear, they will usually sit in your hand or come over to you, and chew on your fingers. They tend to be a bit rough though, lol. It's called "grooming".
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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