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Some general questions from a potential owner!

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Hey guys! I am new here and doing my reasearch before I get my own hedgie. It won't be for some time before I get one, but I like to learn lots ahead of time before I get a pet :)

One of my...well, my boyfriend's concernes, is the smell.
I have owned a variety of pets. Ferrets included. Before I got my ferrets, I researched and while I knew they could smell, I was reassured by a number of people that with proper cleaning and food they would not have a strong odour...which was beyond false. This did not go over well with my boyfriend who is very sensitive to scent. I would appreciate HONEST information about hedgies :) I currently have a dwarf hamster who has a very mild smell and is not of a concern to the boyfriend. I just want to know how a hedgie might compare, smell-wise. I am really good about keeping cages clean, so it is mostly just the general odour I am concerned about.

Any other resources you all think I might want to read would be great as well! I'm sure I will have lots of questions.
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I adopted my hedgehog at 7 or 8 weeks... and for about two months her urine smelled really, really bad. Burning nostrils bad... and I'm not usually sensitive to smells. But gradually, over another two months or so the urine smell tampered off and now, at 6 months, the smell is largely unnoticeable. Not sure what caused this, but it seems some others have had similar experiences with baby hogs. I'm fairly certain it wasn't connected to diet because the foods were kept fairly consistent (I added a new food to the mix, but removed none).
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