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So Cute Drinking From Bowl

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I sucessfully switched from a water bottle to a water bowl this weekend. :D
I was worried that my two sweet babies would not drink. But I got to see both of them drink and I was so glad. Besides that I know it is healthier for them it was SO CUTE.

I used a bowl and a bottle for a week and then took the bottle out and put the bowl right where the bottle had been. They went right to the spot and drank. :D

I have noticed that my little male is more active and there is much more pee on his wheel. So I am assuming he is better hydrated.

OK HHC we are using fleece and water bowls now. Thank you.

Next I am buying a radiator so they are not cold when the ac is needed.
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Yay for a successful transition! ;) I recently switched Sookie over!

I agree, they're overall cute!
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