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Snuggle Safe Disc....Finally!!!!

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I absolutely cannot contain my excitement at the moment, I think I scared the employee at PetSmart.... :roll:

It has almost been a year since I've started looking for snugglesafes and PetSmart FINALLY has them in stock!!!! I was soooo happy, because last year, it was already winter when I got my boy, and they didn't have them anymore. I check every few months and I usually get... "A what?" *blank stare* when I ask about it :lol: Even today, the guy was like "Erm...what? Can you explain what it is?" But luckily, they had them, I was so happy ^_^

They do NOT stock up on a lot of these either. There were only 3 when I finally found a PetSmart that had them! So anyone who wanted to get them, now is the time to find them, before they're all sold out for the season. They're great for travel and emergency backup heating.

Now I won't have to worry as much during travel and bad storms. ^_^
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Is it really that difficult to get them in america/canada? Can you not get them online? We have loads all the time in our shops, I think people think they're quite expensive over here, I have 2 thought :)
ah right yes i suppose with the P&P on top if that can be avoided its best.

Yes my covers have fallen apart aswel, after about 20 washes and they have to be washed regularly as my bunny likes to poop on hers :lol:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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