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Sniffly Hedgie

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Hey all, so over a month ago Archi began an attempt to hibernate, so I warmed him up and now make sure the room is sufficiently heated (my electric bill has gone through the roof with the ceramic heater haha) and I even took him to the vet to make sure all was well because he seemed to be kinda sluggish and had a runny nose. They gave him Baytril and I had given him that for the 2 weeks they had prescribed.

Anyway, a month later at this point, Archi still seems to have a slight runny nose... nothing crazy, but his nose is definitely wet with a teeny bit of fluid coming out of his nostrils. I haven't noticed sneezing, and he still eats normally, and I'm *pretty* sure he runs on his wheel as much as usual. I'll definitely take him to the vet again if I have to, but as everyone knows, visiting the vet costs $100+ per visit even if it's something minor it seems and I am kinda poor right now. I know URI's are common, and it was found negative last time I went, plus he doesn't seem to be congested with his breathing or anything right now. Anyone have some advice before I head to the vet?
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A moist or slightly wet nose is normal. A dripping nose is usually not. Is the fluid clear or cloudy, cloudy is a sign of cold/URI.

How is his weight. You should keep a close eye on it every day and see if it is dropping. Note though that weight can fluxuate normally as much as 10% during a day depending on when they eat and poop.

It sounds like he might be fine. But if his weight is dropping, the runny nose is cloudy or dripping, or he starts sneezing or making any kind of wheezing sound I would not hesitate to see a vet.
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