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On an electronic basis, it's all the same.
Think about a cold morning, before you get out of bed and your warm under your covers... What gets you out of bed? Either your bladder or your responsibilities. Hedgehogs won't care so much about where they go, or may just move far enough that it's just far enough from them. And they have no responsibilities.
Heating pads are great for reptiles, because they aren't capable of controlling their own body heat. So they need a warm spot to go to whe they are cold, and a cool spot to go to when they are warm. Hedgehogs maintain their body heat, but need a constant and consistent temperature. Much the same way as we can control our body temperature, but can die of heat stroke or hypothermia.
Years ago, heat pads were recommended. But as we learn more, we try and do better. The goal is to make their lives as good as we can, both mentally and physically.

My suggestion, is to question the pros and cons of everything. Ask yourself, is it worth the risk. Ask why someone has a belief they do. But in the end it is up to you.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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