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Sleeping "under" wheel

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Luckily for me i took your advice and bought her a much better wheel. I managed to return the exercise ball, and the old wheel. Now that Ive put in the new wheel into her cage, she loves it, she uses it every night as i find a very dirty wheel. YAH good news. HOWEVER she loves it SO much that she manages to carve through the shavings to get underneath the wheel base and manages to either sleep there or move the wheel around... haha Is this safe? I always end up taking it out of the cage in the early morning in fear that it'll injure her in some way. Please let me know what your opinion is. Thank you.
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I bribed my hedgie to sleep in her pigloo...
- the desk light I have shines primarily on the side of the cage where the wheel is
- the pigloo has lots of fleece to let her hide and bury away
- treats are sometimes found in among the fleece

If you have shavings, it will be harder because I've found a hedgie I sat to move the bedding around to create an amazingly nice hiding spot! :)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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