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Chestnut used to eat almost 2 tablespoons of food but for almost 2 weeks now has been eating only 1. Also, she has not been wheeling much at all, when she used to wheel for hours daily. Some days she will wheel a lot, but mostly not these days. I wake up to a clean or mostly clean wheel every day.

Also, in the past 3 days her poop has also been greenish. When this all first started about 2 weeks ago, she was quilling really bad, so I blamed that for her loss of appetite. These days she is losing not so many quills though, but this lifestyle continues. Also around 2 weeks ago I started feeding her live crickets. She didn’t like them much (I had to kill them and put in her food for her to eat it), so I stopped feeding her that and started giving her live mealworms which she loves. I feed her 3-4 a day.

She also wakes up only a little bit these days. It’s currently almost 4am here but she has not gotten up much and has not wheeled. I live in a one room apartment with my boyfriend who stays up until very late usually, and keeps a desk light on. It’s not very bright though, but I wonder if that could be contributing to her not waking up and eating less? Besides everything, her personality remains the same. Her belly is not cold, she reacts immediately to things, and is very sweet and perky when awake. Her weight has stayed around 250g.

I’m so worried about her. I am suspecting it may be the light issue. But can the light really effect her this much? Including her eating and pooping?
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