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Wilbur 馃 Male African Pygmy Hedgehog 馃惥 born Spring 2020 馃尭 ESA 馃専
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My little guy is a sleep talker and sneezes when he's excited! 馃槳馃ぇ

Recently I've moved to college with my hedgehog Wilbur (male, African Pygmy, about 2 years old). Before this he and I did share a room (his pen was in my room) but he was very quiet! Only every so often he'd 'talk' in his sleep and rarely ever did he sneeze!

Now that we've moved and he has become adjusted to our living environment I've made two big discoveries!
1) he's constantly sneezing!!
2) he constantly talks in his sleep!!

Naturally I was super concerned about these behaviors, I deep cleaned his pen, changed his bedding from a paper liter to doggy pads, and asked our vet during his checkup appointment! She looked him over but he was in perfect health! No respiratory issues and his throat and nose had no problems!

Turns out, its just who he is! I've realized he sneezes when he gets excited or when something is new! For example, he had a huge sneezing fit the other day when he mischievously burrowed underneath the fleece and was exploring his pen from underneath(i had just deep cleaned it so no dust)! He also sneezes every time I put him into his travel carrier (he loves to travel surprisingly), when I change the layout of his pen, or when I take out the live treats (he can always tell somehow lol).

When it comes to sleep talking he's chatting up a storm on a daily basis! Anything from foraging snuffles, mating calls, huffy hisses, happy purrs to sleepy scratches (like dogs do) and eating in his sleep!

He's absolutely adorable and it makes me so happy seeing him enjoy his life!
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