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Skinny Hedgehog?

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Hey all, I made this post to see if anything might potentially be wrong with my hedgehog, Cocoa. As I picked her up last night and let her run around on my bed for playtime, I noticed that she was really skinny, and from reading a few threads on this forum, I understand that hedgehogs should be on the plump side. Well, I don't understand because she eats all the time, I have a dish in her cage all the time, and I can tell that shes eating, I give her treats and everything, but I just don't know how she can be so skinny. I mean... shes very active and her poop is normal looking so I don't think she is sick. Is there anything that I should be looking out for?
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Do her sides have a shape like this: )( ? Or is it just that she's thin? A shape like this || is common with hedgies that run a lot and are very active. If her sides are sunken in like the first example, she needs to gain weight and you should probably see a vet. But if it's just that she's straight along her sides, she's probably just a smaller hedgie or a really active runner.
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