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As I'm walking by Miss Satin's house, I glance in at the blue lump that is her and her thermometer. Thermometer is becoming dangerously low... just a bit above 70F. I know it can't have been that way for long as I checked on her only maybe 2hrs before.

I start investigating... lo and behold, that hedgehog is in there sitting on her probe! Pulled it right under the blanket and is cuddling with it... so, of course, the thermostat is reading "all's well, it's nice and warm in here! No need to power-up the heat emitters." Hog with a death-wish, I tell you. Gads! 1.5 years, no incidents like this before.

Mommy's going to watch that probe very carefully from now on.

And, yes, she was alright... Warm enough (but I turned the under-cage heat pad on just in case)... huffed at me for disturbing her. I just thought I'd post and give a heads up on this event in case anyone else's hog decides to try it too.

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heehee Only a hedgie would do something like that.

Usually I hang the probe at the side of the cage, almost at floor level. For some of the more curious ones, I attach it to the wires right where plastic meets wire and adjust temperature accordingly. :lol:
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