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Okay so I've had Norton for approximately a month. I got him from a previous owner who believes that he is around 2 and a half years old. He had another owner once before as well, so all his information is only approximate guesses.

Ever since I had him his eating habits weren't regular. The previous owner warned me of this and said he'd become a picky eater and she had tried many different types of food and he would test it out, and then never eat the rest. He acted the same with me no matter how many different types of foods I put him on, or fresh fruit, or vegetables and does not like mealies. I thought it was just a quirk he had and kept offering him different things to try.

He began to get pretty lethargic (never used the wheel I got him, stayed in one place all day, was drinking water but minimally) I was worried about him but just thought it might be a phase or attempted hibernation to I turned up the heat in my room and checked on him regularly.

Last night around 10:00 I went to take him out of his cage for playtime and he had let out a GIGANTIC poop! It was huge. There was also a funny kidney-bean shaped thing in it. I'm thinking that it was most likely an intestinal blockage that he'd been dealing with for a while. It was still stuck inside him so I gave him a bath and helped him get it out of there. I gave him a belly-rub and put him back to bed.

That night he was up and around, playing on his wheel, eating a bit and drinking - which had me thinking that he was doing really well now. So I checked on him in the morning and he was fine. But tonight when I got home, I went to take him out and he had more poop stuck inside him and it was bleeding :shock: I washed it all out of him and got the big stuff out, wrapped him in a towel and brought him down to cuddle with me. I've called the Animal Hospital and they said that there's not much I can do for tonight since it's after-hours but keep him calm and quiet (He seems to be in an alright mood - he's cuddling and moving around) There's still some runny poop & blood coming out.

Has anyone ever experienced this or any sort of intestinal blockage? Does anyone know the process that the vets will do? Could the blood be internal bleeding? External bleeding from the size? Any help would be appreciated!
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