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Hey guys! I'm worried about my 3 year old hedgehog, Phoebe. She started losing quills, hair and shedding skin flakes like crazy about two months ago. I gave her a sulfur lime bath (worked previously in the past) but it didn't help her. After a couple oatmeal baths and oils I took her to her vet. She got a round of ivermectin (she had one shot of it when young, I know its risky but it more effective than topical treatments I was told) one shot every 2 weeks for 3 shots total, plus a spray for cage treatments. None of it worked... She started developing oozing puss bubbles, like pimples, here and there. It was probably due to vitamin E oil I put on her about once a week to help with the flakiness. I'm guessing it clogged the hair follicles where the quills once were and got infected. Now shes on a round of antibiotics 2x/day for 2weeks. I'm a week in and still haven't seen improvement. Has anyone gone through similar things? My vet mentioned the possibility of ring worm but wanted to rule out infection first. I attached pictures of quill loss and small white dots I noticed in her skin pattern (maybe from missing quills??) she has serious balding too but hard to see in pics because she doesn't sit still lol . Please write me back if you have any thoughts of what might be wrong or have gone through a similar experience, thank you <3

PS: shes had a fairly large tumor under her neck for about 6 months. Its attached and not fatty but doesn't seem to bother her. Vets that she has seen don't recommend removing it because there wouldn't be much skin to sew back after the tumor is removed and hedgehogs tend to not heal after surgery. They scratch at stitches and get infections.
This could be causing some of her health problems maybe...


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