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Should I remove damaged quills?

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Riley had suffered a bad bout of mites before I received him. On his cheek area he still has a circle spot of dark brown damaged quills. But since I've had him it doesn't appear to be worsening or healing. (have had him a couple months now I think) Should I try to remove those damaged quills? Would new ones grow in? I don't want to hurt him, they are just ugly and I thought maybe new growth would be better, if that is possible. Sort of matted damaged looking in that area. The area is about the size of a pencil eraser.
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Damaged hairs to hedgies are like split ends to humans, only poky and far less common. Don't remove them unless it looks like they will curl around and poke him or something, in which case you can use nail clippers to trim them most of the way down. Don't pull them.
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