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So i got my little girl a day early and she is exactly 6 weeks old as of today :D
She is such a friendly little girl, I have been visiting her every other day for the last week and so far she hasn't huffed up or hissed at me once and she hasn't even balled up on me!
And i got her today..or yesterday i guess...i got her Tuesday lol anyways, this has been my first night with her and i always stay up late and she was very active on and off, i got her out for about 15 minutes playing with her on the blanket on the floor and she was running all over the place! it was so cute seeing her run around. She also LOVES her wheel! LOVES LOVES LOVES it, which im happy about :)
I like that she is so friendly and isn't afraid of me at all. Shes such a sweet girl, i love my little Latte :D

Just thought id share, hope you enjoyed hearing about my baby.
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