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She's here!

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We just picked up Spikerina and she's beautiful. I'm VERY impressed w/ how my son has handled her and moreso, how she has responded. I'm much more hopeful that this won't be as challenging as originally thought.

She is 1/5 years old, arrived w/ mange and mites, treated w/ Revolution and Ivermectin (made me nervous, but it was 3 mos. ago.)

I discovered she was on Pretty Pets food, so I elected not to take a cupful. She immediately went for the Wellness - just gave a little as she seemed to be looking for food in her new cage. Spikes were down, boys are thrilled! I told my oldest he needs to handle her 30 min./day and he asked if more than that would harm her, lol!

Anyway, we're running out and about finishing up details w/ her food, giving her some time to settle in, etc. Temp is at 75, just set it a tad lower, so we'll see how that goes.

Got an email that Reaper's wheel has shipped!!!

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Yay! Congrats! I'm glad that everything is going so well! ^_^ haha and I love the name.

Keep us posted on how things go, and some pictures would be nice too :p
thats great news! keep us updated on how things go!
*cough cough* Pictures *cough cough* :lol:
Congrats new hedgie home! Looking forward to hearing about the adventures ahead.
That's great that she's already settling in! And good choice on no Pretty Pets, ew. I also can't wait to see pictures! :D
Just to bug you some more about it: pictures please! haha

Good name :mrgreen:
How exciting! I can't wait to hear more stories and see pictures!!!!!!!!!!
I've been sitting here for an hour trying to get pics to post - keeps saying "File too big" even when I'm just trying to post one pic. Maybe the problem is that I uploaded my son's digital pics, all 232 of them, and Spikerina was at the end. I don't know - was able to email them to friends, but I'm the computer illiterate!

Tomorrow, we're off to the zoo and the b-day dinner at Rainforest Cafe after. Time and energy permitting, I'll try again afterwards...

She's great - kids wouldn't put her down. Very few spiked quills made us all happy and reassured she was happy!

The easiest way to do it, I think, is to start an account on photobucket, you can resize them easily on there and use those pictures to post, or you can just post the links to photobucket. :) I'm glad she's so nice, that's great!
Congrats and good luck on your new little girl! :)
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