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Shaking & Embarassment

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Hi, everyone!

My husband and I after 3 years of careful considering and research got a little hedgie we named Truffle. He is the sweetest little thing, and we hope he is getting adjusted to his new home. He is 9 weeks, but we noticed two things we were concerned about:
1. Sometimes his heart rate is a little fast, and he starts to shake a little bit, and this scares me. he doesnt wobble, it is more of a forward and back motion that keeps him from walking for a few seconds, but then he carries on like normal. Food consumption and stool look good, though.
2. When he has to pee, he gets a little irritable, and then seems to get embarrased afterwards, burying his head. Does anyone else's hedgie do this?

Please help, especially #1!!

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lol, if you want to be sure if its a twitch or not, after he does it pick him up and look at his "belly button". if there is a small amount of white fluid (about the tip of a pencil amount) he was prolly taking care fo business.

Some hedgehogs will lick themselves, and some will shuffle and twitch quickly rubbing themselves against the floor. Vex does it every time i take him out of that cage in the same corner.

At first i thought he was seizing, but nope. White fluid on his tummy every time. Gross i know, but it's a fact of having a male.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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