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Setting up home

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I love the cage set up example thread. It gives me quite a few ideas, but when it comes to executing it...its a little more of a challenge. I ended up getting Q a 24" wheel, and I'm finding trouble finding an environment that would fit something of that size and still leave him with room to run and push a ball. I will be making a hedgie pouch, and probably a few reusable liners out of fleece but the over all cage has me stumped. Right now, hes in a large tank and seems quite happy...but I'm not happy with it. Do you have suggestions? I looked at the ferret cages, and guinea pig cages at the pet shop, but they don't seem big enough to house his MONSTER wheel, or they have so many unguarded levels and ramps. I cringe to think of Q tumbling down when I'm not home.
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A 24" wheel is a little large. My only suggestion would be get a couple of sterilites and attach them. So that the wheel is in a separate sterilite.
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