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Setting up bin cage question

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I'm hopefully gonna get a baby hedgie come this summer and I wanted to know how would you attach the water bottle to the cage if your using a plastic bin? I've seen ones with the bottle on the inside of the bin and others with the bottle on the outside with the nozzle sticking through the bin which way is the best for the hedgie? Also how would you ventilate the bin so that if I attach the lid the hedgie gets enough air or is it okay to just leave the lid off the bin? Sorry if these questions seem a little silly but I just want to have everything set up before I buy my hedgie.
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i use a water dish, is is more natural....but that ia huge topic of debate, i also use liners instead of bedding....before the liners i used a water bottle and got one of the holders and just cut a slit in the cage to slide the deal in. as far as ventilation, i drilled several holes about half way up all the way around the bin and i also leave the top off, just make sure there is nothing in there for the little one to climb up on and make their escape.
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