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September Photo Contest: Enter Here

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The theme of this month's contest is hedgies sleeping! Please post owner's name, hedgies name, and a caption if you want.

The limit to participants is 10.

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Awh, I wish I could have entered Nook! I've got some cute pictures of him. D=
Oooh. >3>;
Lemme see if I have a good one of Nook sleeping. xD;
Most of the ones I get are of him half-awake. xD;
Whoops, sorry guys. xD;

I'll get my picture up now. >3>; I've been busy with college work.
Okay, so my camera won't hook up to my macbook, and since I don't have any sleeping pictures already on my computer, just forget me. >>; Sorry about the hassle.
1 - 5 of 67 Posts
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