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September Photo Contest: Enter Here

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The theme of this month's contest is hedgies sleeping! Please post owner's name, hedgies name, and a caption if you want.

The limit to participants is 10.

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iamdbf, your last post with the attachment worked, so none was cut off.

Please use small photos or attach please, everyone! :)
That is cute, Pammie! :lol:
I agree, Zeek is very cute!
Which are you entering, Pixie?
Permission to gloat. :D
I thought there was one more opening, but maybe not... I'll go count again.
There is still one opening. MintyDuhh, you get first dibbs if you still want to enter!
I don't think there are set rules on contests, but it is so much easier to just to one a month. That way it isn't over super quick and different people can participate. The winner of this month's, if they want to, can do the one next month. If they don't want to, second place can. :)
There is one, but MintyDuhh gets it if whe still wants to participate. If not, you can. :)
That's okay. :) You can participate in the next one!

Now I just need to find out how to do a poll... *grumble grumble*
If you want to switch out that's okay, just make sure it's before I post the contest in a different topic. That might be difficult because I have no idea when I'll do that... lol :lol:
1 - 12 of 67 Posts
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