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This is my favorite picture of me and Bindi.

And Pancake passed out after a feeding & didn't even wake up when I tipped her forward into my other hand. :lol: So of course, selfie time.

And following Ashley's lead...Here's a selfie with my scalier baby!

And not a very good picture of me, but I can't leave the cat out after including everyone else. :lol:


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This was Anastasia Vu. She was my brat and the story behind my famous expression is in these pictures.

It was my birthday a couple years ago. It did not go well, flat tire when I needed to be somewhere else in 10 minutes, bad service at dinner, ect... So I get home from supper, grab Anastasia for some cuddles. She was a really cuddly girl. As you can see, she was actually cuddling. Then sniffs my lip, then licks my cheek, then bit my lip and hung on for dear life.
And that was the birth of...
Sniffing leads to licking
Licking leads to biting
Biting leads to painful discount piercings
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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