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Do you guys have a like daily weekly or monthly schedule that you have for like taking care of your hedgehog? If you do can you list it? Thank you!!! :D
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Daily Schedule-Spot Clean the entire cage removing bathroom messes and food crumbs. Wipe down the wheel. Fresh food and water. New papertowels for his litter area.

Every other day-Every other two days I change out all the fleece in the cage. I leave some of the fleece blankets in his igloo so that he has some of his smell still in the cage but I go through them and take anyones that look nasty and leave the cleaner ones in. For this reason I always make sure to have a few blankets in there at one time so that there will always be a few of the old ones to leave for him.

Every Week- I make sure to do an entire scrub down of the cage and everything in the cage but I still leave some of his blankets in. The blankets are on a rotation so he always has some that smell like him but Im always looking through them and taking dirty ones and replacing with a clean.

Things not on a schedule that I look for is how does his feet, skin and quills look. If his feet look dirty I give him a foot bath (they are rarely dirty cause I lucked out and he's super clean and only goes in one area and doesn't step in it). If he starts looking a little dirty I give him an Oatmeal bath but its important not to bath too often.
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