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Hello everyone,
I just thought I would put this out there in case anyone could help. I have a 8 month old female African Pygmy hedgehog. About two weeks ago, we noticed that her eye was a little bit swollen and she had not been eating or drinking. After seeing a vet, they determined that she had a mouth infection and possibly an eye infection. She was on antibiotics for 10 days, as well as Critical Care food. While she seems to be improving from the mouth infection (she now has energy and is eating again), she has developed several crusty/bloody scabs on her face, chin, and ears. While her eye had seemed to be getting better after the vet visit, a small bump appeared a few days later and has now swelled over her eye. Every few days, another one has showed up. I also noticed some scabbing and bleeding on her feet. We are going to take her back to the vet on Monday, but I was wondering if anyone had seen this before or had suggestions for what to do in the mean time. I have attached photos below. Thank you.
Hedgehog Hair Erinaceidae Head Domesticated hedgehog

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Hedgehog Head Erinaceidae Eye Domesticated hedgehog
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