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So recently I have been thinking of adding another addition to my hedgehogs cage. I was thinking about the possibility of having a sort of room filled with sand. I thought I read somewhere that hedgehogs like sand, although I had not heard to much about it. Any thoughts about the safety of it?

I was also possibly thinking of making a room with a grass area instead of sand, (or a combination of both) however I don't know how grass would do with just indoor lighting. Anyone who has had any experience it trying to make a natural habitat for their hedgie feel free to share any info.

Most of this is just conceptual thought, however I think it could be a cool idea for a cage addition.

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I agree about the sand not being safe for the same reasons listed above. I have been working on plans for an indoor grass area though. Im thinking of growing in a long shallow plastic tote like the ones that fit under the bed. I will have to steralize the dirt. Theres only a few more things Im trying to iron out about what kinda grass I want to use and I have to make sure that what I choose is 100% safe. Im also trying to figure out the best way to pack the dirt in so that if my hedgie is playing the dirt isn't going to be airborne.
ty for the lighting idea, I had forgotten all about the lighting and its one of the important points :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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