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So recently I have been thinking of adding another addition to my hedgehogs cage. I was thinking about the possibility of having a sort of room filled with sand. I thought I read somewhere that hedgehogs like sand, although I had not heard to much about it. Any thoughts about the safety of it?

I was also possibly thinking of making a room with a grass area instead of sand, (or a combination of both) however I don't know how grass would do with just indoor lighting. Anyone who has had any experience it trying to make a natural habitat for their hedgie feel free to share any info.

Most of this is just conceptual thought, however I think it could be a cool idea for a cage addition.

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I know sand can be made safe (from parasites, etc.) by baking it, but if a hedgehog were to pee in it, and it got wet, it could easily get stuck to private parts.

I think the grassy area could be a good idea though, someone else mentioned doing that too.
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