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Do you know if the vet actually looked at her teeth? I would ask him to since that would be my first concern.
I would break the food in half just to be safe- the edges should not be so sharp that it would be a danger and breaking them should not pose any dangers to her I would not think.
All of my hedgehogs have made a squinty face when they eat. My Quinton is so loud I can hear him when I am all the way down in the living room when he is eating his mid night snack upstairs on another floor in my room. They are very crunchy eaters in my experience. But the choking is not normal so for that reason I would have the vet check her teeth and make sure there are no broken teeth or masses.
You said that she is "sniffly" a lot? Like she is stuffed up? Does she have nose or eye discharge, coughing, wheezing, etc?
Sorry I can't be of more help, keep us updated
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